Happy Pride Month!

I know it's toward the end of the month (like last day).... but Happy Pride Month y'all!

In case you didn't know this already - all are welcomed here and deserve to have your love and memories documented just the same.


Not that I should really have to say that - but I really want you to know this is a safe place and I am honored to capture these moments for you regardless of who you love or your identity!

I'm so excited to share this special engagement session this month! Caryssa and I worked together at the time she approached me about photos of her and her partner, Irma. Of course my response was "HECK YES!" when she asked me. Originally, we were set to do elopement photos but then COVID-19 just kept messing things up. So, things got rearranged and the elopement session turned into an engagement session!

And we got to shoot at my absolute most favorite location ever.... The Indiana War Memorial!

The Engagement Rings

Anyone else a sucker for non-traditional engagement rings? Like... everyone has a standard diamond. It's not often that you find someone with a colorful stone! I personally chose a ring with blue topaz for my engagement ring and never wanted the traditional diamond.

Caryssa and Irma's rings were gorgeous!!! I love the colors they picked for their center stone and that they were not the traditional plain diamond. So of course I got a few photos featuring their rings, but this was one was my favorite!

The Lovebirds

I always love hearing how couples met each other. Caryssa and Irma met on Reddit (we live in such a techy world these days, lol!). Irma commented on a thread then Caryssa responded and they hit things off well from that point!

They love to cuddle, watch tv, and be outdoors. Caryssa and Irma were so fun at their session! We had a blast taking photos all over the war memorial and they did great putting up with my silly prompts! (like when I told Caryssa to whisper her favorite cereal is Irma's ear but use her sexiest voice - resulting in the image below!!!)

More favorites!!!!

So much love and happiness in these photos! And we had the most PERFECT evening with beautiful golden light.