Reflecting on 2023: Another Year of Capturing Memories

From documenting family moments to celebrating important milestones in life - 2023 was another amazing year of capturing beautiful memories for several families through Indianapolis and the surrounding areas!

2023 was definitely a busy year - with a total of 91 sessions captured! Here's a fun break down of what I shot over the year:

29 Family Sessions (including mini sessions)

27 Newborn Sessions

22 Milestone Sessions

13 Maternity Sessions

Thank you all so much for booking sessions with me, telling your friends/family about me, and overall just support my business! It truly means the world to me that I get to do my dream job and capture amazing memories for everyone.

collage of portraits by indianapolis photographer

2023 Favorites

Favorite locations

As a photographer that offers outdoor portrait sessions, I get to visit a variety of places throughout the year. 2023 was a year of exploring new locations for me - but I definitely had some locations that won my heart and were popular with my clients too!

  1. Indianapolis War Memorial: This location is always a fan favorite and a spot I almost never turn down when clients ask to shoot here. I love the variety of the buildings downtown - from classic architecture to the more modern lines of newer buildings. This spot is so versatile - whether you're looking from something for a fancy dressed up session or more casual vibes.
  2. Central Park: I've shot here before but it had been a couple years since I've had a session at this park. I forgot how fun the boardwalk is and what cool scene it provides for family photos. Plus I love a good field and this park offered plenty of spots for that.
  3. The Creek: I always hold creek minis every year which are always one of my most popular minis. I mean, this creek is gorgeous so I can see why families love it!

Honorable Mention!

France Park: I've only shot here once - but it was an entirely new location for me this year and I instantly fell in love with the various nature scenes here - especially because you just can't find things like this in Indianapolis! I loved changing it up and getting away from the typical fields and exploring somewhere that didn't quite feel like "Indiana".

family portrait downtown indianapolis
fall family portrait near water and bridge
motherhood portrait at creek
maternity couples portrait at waterfall

Favorite Client product

There's nothing better than seeing my work displayed as art through the various products that my clients order. There was a clear client favorite this year - albums! Many of my clients picked this option as way to cherish they favorite memories captured at their session. I absolutely have loved designing so many albums this year for families!

photo album examples

Favorite Client Closet Options / Favorite Props

Did you know that I offer a client closet for not only my milestone sessions but also for maternity sessions (and moms during family portraits!) I have a pretty good collection of things, but there were some favorites amongst my clients this year. Hoping to add some new options over the next year and see what everyone likes!

Maternity clients have been gravitating toward the sparkly gown, the fitted jewel dress, bedazzled body suit and tulle robes!

The crib has been a fan favorite for both newborn and milestone sessions - I love how versatile it is and can see how much baby has grown over time when you back!

Balloon arches have been super popular this year for cake smash sessions!

Expanding the team

This year I decided to hire an assistant for my newborn sessions. My assistant, Adrienne, joined my team over the summer and I love having her at my sessions to make my life easier while keeping your little ones safe. She helps me with spotting baby in poses, handing things to me, keeping track of my camera (I put it down in random spots all the time), and helps make your kiddos smile!

behind the scenes photo of assistant spotting baby in newborn session

Can't wait to see what 2024 brings!