2022 Highlights

Can't believe 2022 is over and we're starting another year! 2022 was a rush and amazing!

So many exciting things happened, but here are some key highlights that happened in 2022.

New Studio

This was the BIGGEST highlight of my year. Prior to moving in to my new studio space, I was working in my home - using a small flex space/loft. Over the past 2-3 years, I quickly outgrew my tiny home studio space and was desperately in need of something bigger.

In January 2022, I officially moved into my new studio. I was definitely scared - not sure what this year would bring and if I'd be successful enough to keep a commercial studio space. I also had to do some customizing to the space (flooring was a huge task to undertake) and figure out how to make this new space work for me. Almost a year in, and I am loving the space and have seen my business explode this year! I love that I have more space to offer various set ups and I don't have re-arrange my studio as much like I did in my home space (if you ever had a session with me there, then you know the crazy re-arranging I did each session).

Before / After

Hosted A Workshop

Having a larger space has opened the door to other opportunities - such as hosting workshops with other photographers! A photography workshop is a time for photographers to learn together from an industry expert. In August 2022, I welcomed Nicole DeHoff to my studio and she taught a small group of photographers how to style, shoot, and edit fine art maternity photography.

I would love to host more workshops - so if you're needing somewhere to have a workshop in 2023 for maternity, newborn, milestones, and/or family photography please reach out! I'm located in Indianapolis and conveniently near the airport.

Started Offering Fine Art Maternity Sessions

Of course after taking the workshop, I was ready to dive into shooting fine art maternity sessions in my studio! I never really had the room to do this at my home studio. It has definitely been fun helping mamas feel like queens in my studio and create some magical photos for them!

Thank you to everyone that has supported my business over the years and especially those who supported my business this year! Without your support, I would be doing my dream job.

I can't wait to see what 2023 will bring!