Daisy + Drew

This is a super special session to me - because it was for my best friend! It was also super fun because I pulled off the sunset photos in just 20 minutes with a spur of the moment "let's stop in that field and do the photos real quick!".

I met Daisy on the first day of third grade. We've basically been best friends ever since. It was basically best friend as first sight. Now, we haven't always been able to be close since then (in terms of locations). Daisy and I were in different classes, different middle schools, high school, and colleges. She moved out of twice - first to Kentucky and then to Colorado. But despite that we have remained forever BFFs. It's weird that we've known each other for pretty much our whole lives at this point.

I met Drew while in high school through Daisy when they initially started dating. I wasn't too sure about him since this meant I had to share my best friend. However, after our junior prom I was pretty certain Drew would be the one. Drew being the romantic he is had me and another friend take Daisy to a little park nearby where he had supplies to make an ice cream dessert with caramelized apples (and somehow kept all of these cold during a warm spring evening). He was definitely a keeper.

Last December Drew reached out to me while they were both in town for the holidays. I had already planned to take photos of Daisy and her family, but Drew had a very special request of his own. He wanted me to take photos of him proposing to Daisy. Absolutely! Of course, I'm going to be there to document this special moment for my best friend in the whole wide world (Sorry hubby!). I felt so honored to be the one to capture that memory for them.

While visiting them in Denver in September for my birthday, I also had the pleasure of taking some engagement photos for them. You can clearly see how much of a fun couple they are. Daisy and Drew love hiking, being outdoors, and exploring all of the amazing places in Colorado. They're also amazing parents to their super cute fur baby Bruno. I loved being able to capture their relationship and the amazing views of Colorado.

I can't wait for their wedding! I'm going to need all of the waterproof mascara for sure.