Top Tips for Hiring a Newborn Photographer | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Expecting a baby soon?

Congrats! Your little one will be here before you know and what is the best way to celebrate their arrival? Newborn portraits! Showcase how small they once were and all those tiny fresh details. As a photographer in Indianapolis who specializes in newborn photography, I thought I would share a few tips when searching for your newborn photographer and hiring them.

When should you book?

You can book at any time after finding out that you're pregnant, but most newborn photographers recommend scheduling while in your second trimester. You'll likely need to spend a little time researching photographers before you're ready to book, so you can get your list ready and start reaching out to chat with your favorite photographers during the first trimester and then book during your second trimester. Why so early? I recommend booking during the second trimester because I only take so many newborn each month to accommodate due dates and possibilities that baby may arrive early or late (or may spend some time in the NICU). This allows me to ensure I have enough availability in my schedule each month for your newborn session. If your due date is between September and November, I highly recommend booking early because that is prime time for photographers with fall sessions and our schedules get a little crazy sometimes during those months.

Another benefit of booking early is to help you budget for your dream session. While newborn portraits are an investment - there are options for payment plans to break up the cost across your pregnancy or even add this to your wish list for your baby shower. I offer flexible payment plans and even the option for gift cards if friends/family want to help pay for your session.

Find someone who is trained

My biggest piece of advice when you are looking for a newborn photographer is finding someone who is experienced and trained, especially if you are wanting posed newborn portraits. Posed newborn portraits require knowledge in how to safely execute the poses. Safety during a session is high priority in my studio and I have taken several online and in person classes to learn how to safely pose baby in all those cute poses that you love. I ensure that baby is properly positioned and supported, and for complex poses like froggy pose (the image below) - I achieve these shots by doing a composite image (2-3 photos that are taken separately and then combined in Photoshop)

Don't be afraid to ask the photographer you are interested in working with questions about their experience and training!


Make sure you are working with a photographer who has contract when booking. Contracts not only protect the photographer but also protect you in this session. It is a great tool to set expectations for your session and shows that this photographer is professional. If something were to go wrong - like the photographer not fulfilling their duties (i.e. bails on completing your session or sending you the images), you have something legal to refer back to and address the situation.

I've heard too many horror stories over the past 2-3 years of new parents booking with a photographer who took their money and then didn't provide the newborn session or give photos back. Be sure to read through the contract and don't be afraid to ask questions if there is something you don't understand.

Check Reviews

Your photographer should have reviews on their business page, Google page, or website. Don't just pay attention to reviews talking about the photographer being "affordable". You want to know that you can trust the person you're hiring to do a good job, treat their clients respectfully, and be professional. If the photographer has reviews turned off - it might be a warning sign.

Want to have all those precious newborn memories preserved?

If you are looking for an Indianapolis Indiana Newborn Photographer, I would love to have your baby in the studio! You can see more information about my newborn sessions here.

Send me an email with any questions you might have about booking or let me know if you're ready to get on my calendar! I recommend booking during your 2nd trimester to ensure I have availability. I only take a few newborns each month!