Top 7 reasons to hire a birth photographer or videographer

Birth photography is still a relatively new and upcoming genre of photography.

Some don't know that birth photography exists... and for those that do, some may think why would anyone want a stranger in the room with them during their birth? Why would someone want that documented?

Birth photography is more than just a crowning shot or baby coming out. It is a story - your story. A story of love, strength, and new life. I document the moments leading up to birth - the anticipation of meeting your new baby, your strength you have riding those waves of contractions. I document baby joining us earth side. I document all those first moments - the first time you see your fresh baby, first time baby lays eyes on you, hearing that first cry, first latch, soaking in all that new baby goodness during skin to skin.

Births are such a huge moment in a person's life - just like weddings. Most people hire a photographer to document their weddings because it is a special moment and those memories can't be replicated. Births should be celebrated just as much and deserved to be documented. You grew this baby. You birthed this baby.

I think the real question here should by why wouldn't you hire a birth photographer or videographer?

If you're expecting and thinking about whether you should have a photographer or videographer present at your birth - here are 7 reasons why you should hire a professional birth photographer

Your partner and birth team can focus on supporting you.

Your partner and birth team will be able to solely focus on supporting you without the additional task of capturing images or video, especially during the moment of birth. Let your partner support you, be present in the moment, enjoy holding their precious baby for the first time.

Birth is a life changing event.

If you were getting married, wouldn't you hire a photographer? Like weddings, births are a major life event and deserve to be documented all the same. It's an investment and something you won't regret. My birth clients always go back and look at their birth story photos or re-watch their birth story films.

Memories fade, you'll forget things.

Adrenaline, exhaustion, excitement, medications can all cloud your memory. I can't quite recall the exact details of what happened after my daughter was born - other than her deciding to have her first poop on me after being plopped on my chest. Everything else is pretty much a blur thanks to the adrenaline and exhaustion I had. Parents are focused on a million different things once baby makes their arrive - from the health of mom to the health of baby... trying to add capturing photos during this mix is just added stress. This is where birth photography and videography comes into play - I will preserve all these precious memories for you.

The emotions and expressions experienced during a birth are priceless

Birth is a roller coaster of emotions. How amazing would it be to look back at a photo or video to see you and your partner's reaction to meeting your little baby for the first time? Or finding out the gender of your baby if you decided to keep it as surprise until they were born? Maybe your baby has an older sibling and you want to remember their reaction to meeting their baby brother or sister for the first time. Birth is so raw and so real. As a birth photographer I'm there to document the tears, the pain, the exhaustion, the joy, the love... all of it.

Babies change quickly!

People really aren't joking when they say don't blink because they grow up so fast. Babies can change so fast - they can even look different an hour after birth! They change so much in those first few days, weeks, and months after arriving earth side. By the time your partner or support person has a chance to pick up a camera and snap a photo so many things have probably changed - vernix is rubbed off or gone, toes stretched out, head shape has changed, etc.

Quality images and video

Birth can happen fast. Labor and delivery rooms are often dark, everything is a whirlwind. Trying to keep up with baby making a fast entrance, dealing with low light conditions, and likely some shakey hands due to all that adrenaline make it difficult to get those in focus and quality photos or videos. A birth photographer skilled in moving around the room, using different lenses or a flash to compensate for lighting situations, and fast to freeze those moments perfectly for you.

Perspective, healing, and the full story

I remember that my birth didn't go exactly as planned - as I kept facing road bumps after road bumps once I got to he hospital. I still have some salty feelings about how things played out. When I received my birth photos I was able to have a different perspective about my birth and focus on the beautiful imagery and moments that were captured - like how amazingly supportive my husband was the entire time. It was sort of healing for me to see all the moment captured and just focus on the fact that my daughter arrived safely. Birth photography can provide mothers and their partners with a new perspective on their birth. Birth photography can be healing for those mothers and their partners to process the events that took place especially if a birth didn't go exactly as planned.

Birth photography is more than just a few snaps here and there. I love telling your story from beginning to end. All the in between moments you may not see - like your partner taking a few minutes to vacuum the floor at home because your nesting urges didn't quite subside once labor started and you really wanted a clean floor before baby arrived. I'm there to capture the full story, all the emotions and reactions.

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