How to Display and Preserve Your Family Portraits: Creative Ideas and Options

Capturing precious moments with your family is an invaluable investment. Family portraits freeze time and create lasting memories that can be cherished for generations to come. Whether you recently had a photoshoot with a skilled Indianapolis photographer, or you're planning one with a reputable full-service photographer in Indiana like Megan Nicole Photography LLC, you'll want to showcase and preserve these beautiful images in the best possible way. In this blog post, we'll explore creative ideas and options to help you display and safeguard your family portraits.

Choose the Perfect Frames

Selecting the right frames is crucial to enhance the visual appeal of your family portraits. Consider the style and decor of your home when choosing frames. Classic wooden frames bring warmth and elegance, while sleek metallic frames add a modern touch. Custom framing is a popular option, as it allows you to create a unique look that complements your portraits and fits your personal style.

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Create a Gallery Wall

Transform a blank wall into a stunning gallery by displaying a collection of family portraits. Arrange them in a visually appealing manner, experimenting with different sizes, orientations, and frame styles. You can mix family portraits with candid shots, creating an eclectic display that tells the story of your family. This arrangement not only showcases your portraits but also adds a personalized touch to your living space.

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"Every year goes by quicker and quicker and having these images and memories hung throughout our home is like our way of preserving that moment in time."

—Megan J. (MNP client)

Opt for Canvas Prints

Canvas prints offer a contemporary and artistic way to showcase your family portraits. The textured surface of canvas adds depth and dimension to the images, while the frameless design provides a modern and clean aesthetic. Whether you're looking for a large statement piece canvas to display in your home or smaller canvases to add to your table tops - canvas prints are a truly timeless option. Canvas prints are durable, lightweight, and resistant to fading, ensuring that your family portraits remain vibrant for years to come.

display family portrait canvas print
canvas prints to display family portraits indianapolis


Using wood prints to display family portraits adds a unique and rustic charm to any living space. The natural texture and grain of the wood lend a warm and inviting aesthetic to the photographs, creating a sense of nostalgia and connection. Each wood print is a one-of-a-kind piece, with variations in color and grain patterns, making it a truly personalized keepsake. The warmth of the wood complements the warmth of cherished family memories, giving the portraits a timeless and enduring quality. Whether hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf, wood prints provide a distinct and artful way to showcase your family's love and togetherness.

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Bee Hive Hangers are my absolute favorite way to hang any wall art - wood, metal, or canvas! This neat little invention helps take the guess work out of adding art to your walls.

I use these with all of my wall art installations (yes, I come out to your home to hang your wall art!) and it makes the job much easier.


One benefit when you hire me as your family photographer is that I help you plan and design your wall art. I can help you visualize how a framed print or wall gallery will look exactly in your own space. I use a software called Swift Galleries to create mock ups of wall art, even using a photo from your own home, to show you what the art will look like on your walls. This is very helpful if determining what size works best and arrangement of prints to make the best display of your memories.

Preserve Your Portraits with Albums

While displaying family portraits is important, it's equally essential to preserve them for future generations. Invest in high-quality photo albums or create custom-made albums with your Indianapolis photographer or full-service photographer in Indiana. These albums will not only protect your prints from damage but also provide a tangible way for your family to flip through the memories and stories captured in each image.

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Remember, your family portraits are not just pictures—they are cherished heirlooms that tell the story of your family's love and togetherness.

Your family portraits deserve to be displayed and preserved in a manner that showcases their beauty and captures the essence of your loved ones. With the help of an experienced Indianapolis photographer or a full-service photographer in Indiana, like Megan Nicole Photography, you can immortalize these precious moments. From selecting the perfect frames to creating gallery walls and exploring digital preservation options, there are numerous creative ideas and options to choose from. Embrace these suggestions and create a meaningful display that will bring joy to your family and visitors for years to come.