The Van Duzer Family

I have been striving to create more fun and connected moments during my sessions this year. Yes, I still always make sure to get those traditional photos of everyone looking at the camera. But most of our session is spent playing and enjoying your time with your family. I love capturing all of the snuggles, belly laughs and personalities. It's okay for your kids to be silly and wild. And trust me they do so much better when they're able to run around and get some of that energy out during photos. The Van Duzer family totally rocked their family session and we had so much fun!

My other favorite thing about family sessions is pulling parents aside to snag a few photos of just them. No kids. Seriously, when is the last time you and your spouse had photos of just the two of you together? Most of my parents answer "When we got married" and often times that several years ago! So parents... if you book a family session with me, you've been warned. We will be getting some cute lovey photos of just the two of you. And trust me, you won't regret it. Check out how adorable Sarah and Zach are!