Finding the Location

As a photographer, I am constantly viewing the world around me differently. Passing by various spots while driving or exploring new parks with my family, I typically find moments where I am like "oh, that would be a pretty spot for photos". Or when the golden sunset light just hits right in a spot as I'm driving and I just envision a gorgeous family or couple loving on each other in that spot and with that light. There are just things that catch my eye that might not catch the eye of an ordinary person.

Living in a more urban area, it's hard to come by scenic locations it seems. Usually I find myself needing to drive about 30-45 minutes away to even begin seeing some more picturesque locations. Not going to lie - I often loathe the photographers who live out west with their breath taking landscapes!

Last year in early fall, I was driving along a path I take often and noticed this field. I nearly gasped when I looked to my right while driving and the sunset lighting just hit it so perfectly. But would you have guessed this field was just off the side of a main road and next to an apartment complex?! I knew I had to put someone in that field for some photos! So that is exactly what I did - and it did not disappoint!

Behind The Scenes

I dragged my husband out to this session with me for some behind the scenes photos! So glad I did - I love seeing myself in action and doing what I love.


But let's be honest - motherhood can be messy, frustrating, and down right hard AF. Trust me - I know. But it's also extremely beautiful. I love having mamas and their littles in front of my camera - these always end up being some of my favorites photos! The snuggles, the giggles, the love and connection between the two. Motherhood sessions allows me to help you freeze time and remember how little they once were... maybe it's the last time you'll get a photo of you holding your kid before they get too big to carry, first time exploring something new, documenting doing your favorite things together in that stage of life, or the last latch if you're nursing.

I highly encourage all mamas to get in front of the camera at least once a year with just their littles - and to make it even more special, do a more styled session like this! I have several gowns in my client closet you can borrow and some outfits for kids depending on age/size. Let's make some magical photos together!

Want to capture some beautiful moments too?

I would LOVE to have you and your little ones in front of my camera to document the beauty of motherhood. Let's connect and plan an amazing session together! I serve Indianapolis and surrounding areas (Carmel, Brownsburg, Avon, Plainfield, Greenwood...)