Fine Art Photography | Capturing the Beauty of Motherhood

Maternity photography is a beautiful way to celebrate the journey of motherhood. As an Indianapolis maternity photographer, I specialize in creating fine art maternity photo shoots that capture the beauty and essence of this special time in a woman's life.

What is Fine Art Maternity Photography?

Fine art maternity photography is a style of photography that focuses on creating beautiful and artistic images of expectant mothers. It's a way to capture the beauty, grace, and elegance of pregnancy in a way that is both timeless and unique.

In a fine art maternity session, the focus is on the mother-to-be and her baby bump. The goal is to create stunning images that highlight the beauty of pregnancy and the love between a mother and her unborn child. The use of creative lighting, poses, and backdrops can help to create a truly unique and memorable photo shoot. Fine Art Maternity sessions can also include your partner and children to celebrate the love and connection of a growing family.

Different Fine Art Styles

At your fine art session, I offer a variety of ways to capture beautiful imagery. Depending on your preferences and vision, I incorporate the following styles:


I have a collection of various dresses for you to wear in my client closet. Many of the dresses I have collected fit a variety of sizes and offer a range styles (boho, simple, and glam).


My collection also includes bodysuit options, which are great for really showing off that baby bump! Bodysuits can also be paired with some of my ruffle robes or with fabric.


This is probably the funnest part of a fine art session - the fabric tosses! I use fabric to drape around you and toss to create some magical moments.

Implied nude

Depending on your comfort level, I also offer some set ups that are implied nude. This means that you will be partially nude or fully nude. I use fabric, appliques, placement of hands, gold flakes, or glitter to conceal your private parts to create an artistic and tasteful nude image that really celebrates the beauty of your pregnant body.

Finding the Right Indianapolis Maternity Photographer

When it comes to finding the right Indianapolis maternity photographer, it's important to choose someone who understands your vision and can help you bring it to life. Look for a photographer who specializes in fine art maternity photography and has experience working with expectant mothers.

It's also important to choose a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and at ease during the photo shoot. Pregnancy can be an emotional and vulnerable time, and it's important to work with someone who can help you feel confident and beautiful throughout the process.

Booking a fine art maternity photo shoot is a beautiful and timeless way to celebrate the journey of motherhood. If you're interested in scheduling a fine art maternity photo shoot, please contact me to learn more.