Indiana War Memorial Family Photo Shoot

While Indiana doesn't offer mountain views and gorgeous fields of wildflowers for family portraits - we do have some pretty awesome urban locations for photos. Indianapolis, bustling capital city of Indiana, is a treasure trove of urban landscapes that serve as stunning backdrops for your family photos. From the iconic skyline featuring the towering buildings downtown to the charming streets lined with historic architecture, the city offers a diverse range of locations that reflect the spirit of your urban family life.

One of my absolute favorite urban locations is right in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, IN. The Indianapolis War Memorial is a perfect setting for family portraits! Whether you chose to dress up and make it an elegant moment or keep things a little more casual and relaxed - you can really go both ways at this spot and get a different vibe each time. This Indianapolis family photographer will basically never say no to this location - it's a client and personal favorite every time!

I love how this location offers amazing views of the city skyline - some of the more modern skyscrapers but also these older buildings that really showcase the city's diverse architecture. The sun sets so perfectly over this spot during golden hour!

In every family photo shoot, my goal is to capture the genuine moments of connection that showcase the love and bond within your family. Whether it's a warm embrace, a playful interaction, or a shared laugh, these candid moments are what make your family unique and special. By creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, I encourage you to be yourselves, allowing me to capture the true essence of your family dynamics.

If you are looking for an Indianapolis Indiana Family Photographer, I would love to hang out with your family! I service Indianapolis and the surrounding areas including but not limited to Carmel, Fishers, and Hendricks County. You can see more information about my family sessions here.