Indianapolis Family Photographer | Urban, nature, or lifestyle... which location should you pick for your family photos?

It's time to schedule your family portraits with your Indianapolis Family Photographer! Whether it's you very first time getting family photos taken professionally or you're getting your biannual photos in - picking a location can be tough sometimes! Thankfully, I am here to help!

Whenever someone is ready to book a family session with me - they usually have some of the logistics of our session figured out. They know what month, sometimes a specific date... but location is often the hardest thing to narrow down. When someone books a deluxe or heirloom family session with me - I work with them to figure out the perfect location for their family. I always ask families if they prefer nature, urban, lifestyle, or a combination of urban/nature. But what does that mean? Keep reading to learn more about these different family session locations and figure out which one might be best for you! (your preferences may even change each time you book!)

Nature Locations

I feel like nature settings are simply just a classic for any session type - especially family photos! Nature locations are spots that offer "natural" vibes - like creeks, fields, lots of trees, wild flowers, etc. You can't really go wrong with a nature setting for any of your family portraits. There are PLENTY of options to pick from here in Indianapolis and surrounding areas for your family portraits!

One reason why I love nature settings for most family photo sessions is that a lot of the families I work with have small kids. Small kids are always on the move! In a nature settings, I have the opportunity to play a lot more games with you and your family - simply because there's so much room to move around and be wild! It's much easier for them to burn off some energy in between me snapping photos.

Urban Locations

Okay - I'm just going to say it.... urban sessions are my JAM! Urban sessions are always some of my absolutely favorites. Each urban location is unique - and there are different categories of urban locations too!

Grunge/funky - these urban locations are little rougher around the edges but provide some cool backgrounds and textures to your photos. There might be graffiti on some walls, different colored brick walls, or an industrial vibe. This is a great option for laid back sessions.

Sophisticated / roof top - Some urban locations can be fancy! One of my favorites is the Indiana War Memorial - it gives those roof top vibes. I love when family dress up super fancy for this spot - but more casual approach also works too!

Small Town Charm - If you venture just outside of Indianapolis you'll find a lot of small "downtown" areas. Places like Plainfield, Zionsville, and Greenfield have some super cute urban areas. These locations provide more of that small town charm vibe - with brick walls, small shops, courthouse squares, etc.

One thing I will point out when considering an urban location is that you may want to think about how your kiddo will do in these locations. Often times - we are near roads or will be walking around areas with some light traffic. Does your kiddo like to run off? Get overstimulated in areas like these (more people / a lot to see / variety of sounds)? If so - urban locations might be low on your list for consideration.


Lifestyle sessions means that the family session will take place in your own home! This can be inside your home or your back yard/neighborhood, or even a mix of both. Lifestyle sessions are laid back, not as posed and take a more documentary approach to the session. Think if of it as a little "day in the life" kind of session where I can come document your family in your home and capture what you love to do together (baking, playing, taking walks around the neighborhood, etc). Lifestyle sessions in your home are also a great time to consider adding on a family film to your package - just like the good ole days of family videos... but without the stress of you trying to record the perfect moments yourself!

Lifestyle sessions in your home are great for kiddos who get easily overwhelmed in other locations. Your home is a safe place for them - and they might warm up to the idea of some strange lady taking their photos more if they're in a location that is familiar to them - like their very own home.

If you are looking for an Indianapolis Indiana Family Photographer, I would love to hang out with your family! I service Indianapolis and the surrounding areas including but not limited to Carmel, Fishers, and Hendricks County. You can see more information about my family sessions here.

Send me an email with any questions you might have about booking or let me know if you're ready to get on my calendar! Can't wait to chat with you!