Grow With Me!

Isn't it amazing how fast babies grow and change? I swear you just blink, and they are ready to take off and start running. I love when I get to watch my client's grow. It is so neat to see their features change, personalities blossom, and reach milestones.

I have been taking photos of this little dude literally since he was born. I was there for his birth and got to capture those first moments. He then joined me at my studio for some squishy newborn photos. And a couple weeks ago I got to see him again for his three month milestone session! He was so smiley! Check out some of my favorites from his session that we did in his very own backyard!

Interested in documenting your baby's milestones?

I would love to help you document the growth of your baby – even starting from when they’re cozy inside your belly! The cool thing about my Grow With Me Plan is that you can fully customize your plan. Need a maternity session? Cool – add that to your plan. Don’t want photos every 3 months and just want to focus on the biggest milestones – that’s okay too! You pick which sessions you want. I offer maternity, birth, fresh 48, newborn, and milestones for every 3 months leading up 1 year. I also offer birthday sessions every year that you can add on as well.

Contact me to capture all the memories!