Referrals are what I THRIVE on!

I love meeting new families and being there to watch my existing clients grow! Whether you're coming to me to celebrate the newest addition to your growing family or just hanging out and being silly with me during a family session.

I thoroughly believe this is the best job ever and love what I do. I mean who else wouldn't love snuggling babies? But seriously - I love that get to come visit you at the hospital to help you welcome your freshly born baby. I love snuggling your baby in my studio and getting to know their little personalities. I enjoy celebrating all the little milestones along the way - like watching your one year old get cake all over my studio. I love chasing toddlers (despite being out of shape). I want to reignite that passion between parents when I pull just the two of you aside for some parent only poses at family sessions. I want to laugh with you, cry with you, have dance parties in a random field, and grow with you and your family.

It makes my heart happy when I hear that someone has told you about me. Some people find me on social media, some people stumble upon my website.. and then I have some who said they found me because a friend or someone they know referred me. Word of mouth is truly a valuable part of my business and what I THRIVE on. It means that you loved your images, you trust me, and you enjoyed our time together. I've developed many new friendships along the way in this business with my clients because you guys are amazing and I want to create a sense of family and friendship. I not only want to capture beautiful art that you can hang on your walls - but be there to tell you happy birthday, support you in this journey, celebrate your accomplishments or children's accomplishments, and just enjoy this crazy life together.

When you tell your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers about me that means I am doing something right and you support what I do. I feel so honored when you do this and seriously forever grateful for those word of mouth referrals.

So with that being said - THANK YOU. You are the heart and soul of my business. YOU are the reason I'm able to do what I love.

I haven't offered a referral program before, but I have been considering it for the past few months. It was just a matter of finding a program I would like and that I think you'll like too.

So here's is what I have decided. I am going to be doing a points system. And EVERYONE WINS! (you get car, and you get a car.. just kidding - no cars will be offered as a reward) But what exactly will you win? You will WIN a COMPLEMENTARY SESSION. That's right. Say WHAT?! Completely. Free. Now let me give you the details on how this works:

 Book a family session: 1 point.

Book a newborn session: 3 points.

Refer a friend for a family session (they have to book): 1 point.

Refer a friend for a newborn session (they have to book): 3 points.

 Get to 15 points and you get... A COMPLIMENTARY session!

Haven't booked a session yet? That's totally fine too - and I hope do someday. But, if you refer your friends and family to me and have them use your name, you can STILL earn points and a FREE session!

Now go forth and win those free sessions! Ready. Set. GO!