What should we wear?!

Yay! You've book you're next family portrait session. Now what? It's time to pick outfits for everyone.

This part is probably the most daunting part for families when they book a family portrait session. I totally get it! I probably change my mind like 50 times before I finalize our family outfits. I want to share some tips for putting together your family's outfits for the picture day. Hopefully this will help save you some headaches!

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Tip #1 - Pick a color palette.

Picking a color palette is one of the first things you'll want to do when you start planning outfits. Having a color palette in mind will help guide you when you're searching your own closets and/or stores for options to wear.

Picking a color palette will also help you determine what colors will look good together and what colors work best throughout the different seasons.

Tip #2 - Limit patterns

Don't be afraid to incorporate some patterns in your outfit choices. However - don't go overboard! Limit the amount of patterns or number of people using that pattern. Not everyone should wear the same pattern - it can be distracting. Also - mixing patterns is typically a no-no as well because it can be distracting. You want the outfits to flow together nicely and be cohesive.

Try picking one person to wear a pattern in the group - and you can even pull colors from that pattern to help you coordinate the whole family.

Tip #3 - Say no to characters

If you take anything away from this blog, this would definitely be it. I'm sure your kiddos have some favorite cartoon characters and have that one favorite shirt with Mickey Mouse, Elsa, Paw Patrol, or whomever their current character obsession is. But trust me - you don't want those in your photos. Clothes with characters can become dated - because we all know those cartoons come and go. You want your photos to be timeless and also don't want the characters on the clothes to distract from your beautiful children!

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Tip #4 - Start with mom's outfit

This is always the hardest part for me when I am coordinating family outfits for my own photos! A lot of moms feel self-conscious with their post-partum bodies or just general insecurities as a woman. I always start off by finding an outfit for myself first - either by checking my closet to see what I already have or hitting up my favorite websites/stores to see what options I have.

Personally, my go-to choice are maxi skirts or dresses because they are flattering and I think most mamas will look lovely in these. Plus - I enjoy movement in my sessions (like having your partner dance and spin you around). But you know what you feel most confident in - so start there.

Once you have your outfit nailed down, it's time to move onto the other family members' outfits!

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avon indiana family portraits

Tip #5 - Plan ahead!

Don't wait until the last minute to get your outfits together. Plan ahead! Give yourself some time to check your closet for what you already have, order what you need (especially if you need to keep in mind shipping times!), and try things on. Try me - rushing at the last minute to pull things together is going to be stressful.

You can even send me photos of the ideas you have and I can help you plan. I also have a client closet, so if you're still trying to look for something in particular, I could check my client closet to see if I have something that works and is the right size.

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